Traditional health delivery systems don’t engage the routine choices and behaviors – outside clinical care – that drive 40% of health outcomes. Providers that can break the mold and create a personalized encounter will avoid losses, reduce risk, build loyalty and reap new revenues.

The Dātu Persuasion Engine™ Platform is an enterprise solution that permits health care providers to personalize, target and measure impact for digital notifications, questions, offers and messages tied to personal care plans. Based on knowledge of the whole person, their motivations and abilities, the Persuasion Engine™ helps you deliver the right nudge, at the right time, in the right way.

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How does it work?
Nomad hiker

A better mirror.

With new data—their data—people get ever-higher degrees of feedback and insight that is personalized to them. What we know makes us stronger.

How do you feel today?

You traveled 3.2 miles today

Yoga class

A better window.

With more data—generated by patients between visits—clinicians have a clearer view into the situations and aspirations of the human beings they treat.

Your insulin dosage has been raised to U-500

You received your Quadrivalent (IIV4)flu shot on 9/15/14. Are you experiencing any side effects?

Hiking in the woods

A continuous relationship.

Our “nudges” can point consumers to medical records, provider search, scheduling, education, payment and any other consumer touch points the health system sponsors.

Health benefits of running

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Everyday value

Community members have a single place to share their health status, get relevant advice, connect with resources and plan what’s next.

Relational health

Secure and surrounded by both clinical and personal data and great communication tools, the relationship between care team, patient and family can flourish.

Unique data

As people maintain and improve their health, they share data about their behavior that can help you assess risk, tailor treatment and communicate more effectively.