The Dātu Difference

Between smart watches, wellness-at-work and retail clinic, personalized health is getting crowded, and it’s hard to untangle competing claims. Because we serve and collaborate with mission-driven healthcare providers, we focus a little less on gadgets and risk scores and a lot more on people.

Relational, not just computational

At the heart of the Dātu platform is the ability of members to communicate directly with trusted health system experts—to ask questions, schedule appointments, receive feedback and to interpret symptoms and data.

Digital smart + Human heart

Integration, not just invention

Thousands of digital health devices, apps and services are in motion. Nearly half of all Americans track data about their personal health. This fast-moving market will out-innovate any one player. That’s why our platform is designed to connect easily with others via standards and APIs. Health Systems can continuously orchestrate and update how they deliver population health.

Continuity + Change

Lifestyle, not just workflow

Conventional disease management programs and wellness initiatives have been driven outward and downward from payers and health systems: eat your carrots, get a reward. Dātu uses behavioral science to design personal programs that are equally evidence-based, but blend seamlessly into the life-flow and lifestyle of the community member.

Clinical evidence + Personal motivation

Persuasion, not just games

While challenges, rewards and points motivate some people, they don’t work for everyone. And for still others the barrier to health-promoting behavior is not about motivation at all; it’s about access or ability. Dātu’s personalization takes into account a slew of factors relative to members’ ability, motivation and their stage in their own personal journey toward better health.

The Dātu Destination

The healthcare experience...

...was clinical

  • Ask your doctor
  • Make an appointment
  • Consult a nutritionist
  • Go to a sleep lab
  • Diagnose and treat becoming personal

  • Get info online
  • Go to a retail clinic
  • Use a carb counting app
  • Monitor using Jawbone Up
  • Prevent and manage

...will be relational

  • Be online with your doctor
  • Get treated in the right place
  • Personal nutrition advisor
  • Personal sleep regimen
  • Plan and invest